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75 years of Charak’s Ayurvedic expertise has been carefully packaged into our delightful moha range of skin and hair offerings.
moha is the result of our knowledge of ancient herbs and oils, bottled and packaged after rigorous research and testing, simply because your skin and hair can’t be grounds for casual experiment.
Try any one of our products and you will see that every moha product has raw sensorial delight with effective wholesome goodness. Our 5-in-1 hair oil is a superior blend that rejuvenates your hair like no one else can. Naturally. Our gentle soaps are mildly fragrant while working wonders for your skin type, naturally. Our sunscreen lotion is a must-have in your beauty basket. Our facewash will cleanse and start to reverse the damage done by harsh products.
Every beauty expert will tell you – when it comes to skin and hair it’s all about the blends. The moha range is a blend of ancient ayurvedic knowledge and a promise of purity.