Why Herbal Shampoo is Best

Let’s Understand Dandruff :

Dandruff is chronic scalp condition with excessive shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. Normally skin of the scalp sheds dead cells in a nearly invisible way so it’s almost impossible to notice the usual shedding of dead cells. When cell turnover becomes unusually rapid the shedding of dead cells of the scalp is easily visible in the form of flakes that are called Dandruff.

How common is Dandruff:

Almost 5% of the population of India suffers from Dandruff. Dandruff is very common after puberty it affects somewhere between age 20 to 30 years. Dandruff affects males more than females. People living in warm and humid conditions, people with poor personal hygiene are more common to develop dandruff than others.

Causes of Dandruff­:

Common cause dandruff is a fungal infection (Pityrosporum ovale) which is naturally present on the scalp and other parts of the skin. Typically, this fungus causes no damage. However, with the weather changes, hormonal, and stress, the scalp will produce more oil, causing the fungus P. ovale to proliferate.

As fungal infection proliferates itchiness of the scalp skin increases. As dead cells of the scalp are being damaged by fungus the cell turnover increases, causing flakes formation. This is how so-called dandruff appears in the scalp. Excessive flakes cause loss of hair follicles and that’s why hair fall is evident in people with Dandruff.

Excessive dryness or dry environment also leads to the formation of flakes as it causes loss of moisture and oil present in scalp. As moisture and oil is lost from the scalp they tend to produce more dead cells than usual and Dandruff shows up in the scalp.

Types of Dandruff­:

There are two types of Dandruffs_ Dry Dandruff and Oily Dandruff.

Dry Dandruff is because of loss of moisture while Oily Dandruff is because of fungal infection

How to get rid of Dandruff and stop hair fall?:

Many of you must be thinking is it really possible to get rid of Dandruff completely? Is it possible to stop hair fall due to dandruff? The answer is positive and its really possible if follow these tips_

  1. Avoid Harsh Chemicals on scalp hair:

Hair dyes, Hair styling gel/spray, unnecessary artificial fragrances and preservatives in your hair cosmetics can be very fatal for your scalp and may damage its natural defense to avoid dandruff. Avoid use of these chemicals and switch to herbal and safer options

  • Help Scalp to retain moisture:

When you are using chemical shampoos or synthetically derived medicated shampoos it is very important to retain moisture in the scalp. Chemicals like Salicylic acid & Ketoconazole create dryness on excessive use. So be careful and avoid loss of moisture.

  • Cool down, lose Stress:

Stress is not a direct cause to Dandruff but stress weakens the immunity of the scalp and that leads to fungal infection and dandruff formation. So either lose your stress or else employ medicated shampoo that would enhance the defense of your scalp.

  • Choose Medicated Shampoo over Ordinary Shampoos:

People with dandruff must refrain from using ordinary shampoos and must use medicated shampoos to avoid recurrent episodes of Dandruff.

Herbal Shampoos V/s Synthetic Shampoos:  

For Medicated Anti-dandruff Shampoos, you have two options_ Herbal Antidandruff Shampoos and Synthetic Antidandruff Shampoos. Herbal variants are based on plant ingredients while Synthetic variants are based upon ingredients of chemical origin.

Synthetic variants have more side effects and gives scope for recurrence of symptoms. Our scalp is one of the most absorbent parts of the body, products applied to the scalp go directly to the blood, without being filtered in any way. That’s why Herbal Variants have a greater advantage over their Synthetic alternatives. This is also evident when we analyze consumer buying trend. Nowadays traditional herbal shampoos are the most widely used hair products. It is believed that herbal products are safe and free from side effects. Synthetic antidandruff shampoos on regular use cause dryness of scalp which can further aggravates Dandruff (Dry Dandruff), herbal antidandruff shampoos contain oils of herbs which ensure moisture retention in scalp and nourish hair follicles to avoid early hair fall.

Plant/Herbal Ingredients based manufacturing houses like Charak Pharma is one of the most trusted firms since last 74 years in Indian Market. Charak pharma has established its herbal / plant-based Cosmeceuticals range in the name of moha. Charak pharma’s moha Herbal Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is the perfect blend of herbal ingredients specifically selected to ensure complete cleansing of dandruff, relief from itching scalp.

Howmoha Herbal Anti-Dandruff shampoo works on the scalp and hair?

moha Herbal Anti-Dandruff shampoo also prevents hair fall and promotes the health of hair and scalp. Key ingredients in moha Herbal Anti-Dandruff are oils of Hibiscus, Neem, Tea tree & Kapurkachri. Tea Tree oil and Neem oil in moha Herbal Anti-Dandruff shampoo give antibacterial, antifungal action with soothing effect for the scalp which relieves itching and cleans off Dandruff. Kapurkachri oil & Hibiscus Oil have anti-inflammatory & protective action for scalp and hair follicles which maintain a healthy scalp and healthy hair.


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