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5 Simple Methods For Heel Crack Treatment

Cracked heels – a familiar issue that many of us have battled at some point. Those uncomfortable fissures not only make our feet look less than stellar but also pose a risk for infections. The struggle with cracked heels is real, affecting both the aesthetic appeal of our feet and our skin’s health.

foot cracked cream

Taking a step towards addressing this common issue is not just about vanity; it's about preventing potential infections that can arise from neglected cracked heels. The discomfort and pain associated with this condition make finding effective solutions crucial.

In this blog post, we'll dive into five effective methods for treating cracked heels and restoring your feet to their smooth and healthy state. Along with these methods, we'll shine a spotlight on moha: foot care cream, an Ayurvedic cream known for its exceptional benefits. So let's get started with the easy-to-follow tips that will help you achieve soft and smooth heels without any fuss.


5 Effective Ways For Treating Cracked Heels


1. Warm Water Soak & Gentle Exfoliation:


Start your foot care routine with a warm water soak. Add a dash of Epsom salts or vinegar for added benefits. Studies show that these ingredients can work wonders for cracked heels.

Follow up with gentle exfoliation using a pumice stone, foot file, or a sugar scrub. Mainly try to remove only the top layer rather than scrubbing harshly. DIY enthusiasts can explore oats and honey for a homemade foot scrub. Also, if your cracks are noticeable, avoid this step as it will make it worse.


2. Deep Moisturization


Give your heels the love they deserve with regular, deep moisturization. Thick creams or ointments are your go-to for effective treatment. Several dermatologist suggests applying thick creams to heal cracked heels.

Facing difficulties while choosing a cracked heels cream? You can consider using moha: foot care cream as it is an ayurvedic cream specially formulated for cracked heels. Its key ingredients, like Peppermint, Kapur Kachri (Ginger Lily), Aloe Vera, and Papaya, work wonders:

- Peppermint cools and soothes tired feet, improving blood circulation.

- Kapur Kachri and Aloe Vera have natural antiseptic properties to protect your feet from infections.

- Papaya gently exfoliates dead skin cells, promoting new skin renewal, and Vitamin E helps heal and repair cracks.

- Aloe Vera, a natural moisturizing agent, hydrates and maintains skin health.

Wondering about the right way to use this natural cracked heels cream? It’s simple! Take a generous quantity and apply it over your clean feet. Then massage it gently.


3. Overnight Nourishment with Socks:


Before bedtime, after applying moha: foot care cream to your cracked heels, wear socks to lock in moisture. This overnight therapy enhances absorption, promoting healing while you sleep.


4. Protective Measures and Support:


Wear supportive shoes with good cushioning and heel support to provide the necessary protection. Avoid tight-fitting shoes and open-toed footwear, and consider wearing socks indoors for added protection from friction and dust.


5. Diet & Hydration:


Embrace a holistic approach by focusing on your diet. Include healthy dietary fats like omega-3s and vitamins A, C, and E for optimal skin health. Staying hydrated is crucial for overall skin health, including your precious feet. Incorporate fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats into your daily diet.

Now, coming back to the cracked heel cream we were talking about, moha: foot care cream. Do you think it was just because of the ingredients that we recommend it? Nope! There are many more star points of moha: foot care cream. Hopefully, these points will help you make an informed online purchase. So let’s list them down.


moha: Foot Care Cream - Guarantees Visible Difference Within 5 Days


Yes! Not joking, moha: Foot Care Cream is a *Clinically Tested* product that nourishes cracked & dry feet from the 1st usage. According to the study conducted on 30 participants … 

- 90% experienced cooling & soothing sensation from the 1st application

- 63% observed excellent improvement in Cracked Heels

- 88% observed improvement in the skin within 24 Hours

(note: These participants used moha: Foot Care cream twice a day for 7 days)


foot care cream


Isn’t it highly effective and the best part? It is manufactured by Charak Pharma, a 75-year-old Ayurvedic pharma company. Want to know some more shining points? It is Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free, and Harsh Chemicals Free. Ohh! It’s time you read more on the moha site and add it to your cart.

In conclusion, don't neglect your foot health – it's a small step for your feet but a big leap towards having a comfortable day. Taking care of cracked heels is not just about looks but also about keeping our feet healthy. We explored five simple methods to treat cracked heels, and one standout natural option is moha: foot care cream. So do follow the methods and add moha: foot care cream to your routine today to treat your feet to the care they deserve.

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