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9 Summer Hair Care Routine tips to follow in this hot season

Whether it is sun bathing on the beach during vacation or keeping up with our busy work schedule which requires being outdoors, the heat during summers can be quite damaging for our hair and scalp. The hot temperature in the summer season, with or without humidity causes our hair to suffer right away as well as in the long run.


There is sweating in summer and when accompanied by humidity the sweat evaporates less thus creating a perfect environment for growth of various bacteria or fungus which leads to dandruff or itchy scalp. This could also lead to entrapment of dust, dirt, pollutants and sebum which causes discomfort and can also cause a condition known as folliculitis which is inflammation of hair follicles and is characterized by painful / itchy small red or white bump like rashes on the scalp. Don’t you worry though, just follow these 9 hair care tips in summer and be ready to flaunt your mane.




Cleanse your hair and scalp as often as every day or atleast every alternate day to get rid of the built up over the scalp. When using a hair cleanser on everyday basis, make sure it is natural, sulfate free, gentle yet effective just like the moha; sulphate free herbal shampoo.



2.Ditch the oil and wash routine


Generally, we apply oil to the scalp a night before we wash our hair. What we are effectively doing is rubbing in the dirt and pollutants present on the scalp along with oil. The grime acts as barrier thus not allowing oil to get absorbed. Also this gives bacteria and fungus better conditions to survive when we apply oil on dirty scalp. So ditch the oil-wash schedule and follow the wash-oil-wash schedule. So cleanse your scalp first to get rid of dust, pollutants, etc. and then apply oil or any product that needs to nourish the roots. This should be followed by washing again if required.


3.Using the right products for scalp care


As discussed already, bacterial and fungal growth on scalp is rampant in summers and the above mentioned cleansing routines is half battle won, the other half can be won by right products such as right anti dandruff hair oil and anti-dandruff shampoo. moha; anti dandruff hair oil is blend of Ayurvedic oils like neem, tea tree, hibiscus, etc which effectively removes dandruff and reduces scalp itching or flaking. Also moha; anti-dandruff shampoo aids to remove dandruff with tea tree and neem oil along with hibiscus to nourish the scalp.

This combination works best to soothe dry flaky scalp as well as prevents recurrence of dandruff when used regularly.




Intake of watermelon and cucumber serve as source of hydration for body as well as hair, while foods like lentils, berries, oranges, etc. are enriched with antioxidants and proteins which protect the hair follicle from damage. Diet rich in anti oxidants


5.Cover your hair


Covering hair with scarf could keep away from unhealthy exposure to pollution, dust and harsh UV rays. Applying moha; Hair Serum not only hydrates each strand but also protects from environmental damage.



6.Hair mask


Nourishing natural masks help protect and nourish hair and scalp Blend together a banana, 1 tbsp Aloe vera gel, 10-12 fresh curry leaves and 2 tsp coconut oil. Apply this paste to entire hair / scalp and leave it on for 30-40 minutes. Then wash with mild Herbal Shampoo.


  1. Hair Scrub


Although not a very usual concept, a scrub can be effective to reduce flakiness, remove grime, increase blood flow and nourish the scalp. Take 2 tbsp honey, 1 tsp powdered sugar and 2 tsp aloe vera gel. Blend well and apply on the scalp while gently scrubbing it. Then wash with a gentle shampoo like moha; Herbal Shampoo.


9.Special care


Avoid heat styling your hair, however if unavoidable apply blend of aloe vera gel and moha; hair serum before exposing hair to heat. Spraying cucumber infused water, rosewater or vetiver infused water (better if chilled) on entire length of hair especially when travelling, or when indoors in the afternoon helps hair retain hydration


Hope these tips get you and your hair summer ready since, hair is like a crown that your never take off.

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