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Use code "moha25" to avail flat 25% off on all products ( Excluding offer products & Kits )

Best Foot Care Cream to Keep Monsoon Fungal Infections Away

It’s a fact that everyone looks forward to the beautiful monsoons. The rains bring in a cool respite from the sweltering heat. However, it also brings with it an array of skin infections and allergies that can affect your health negatively. Your feet, which is probably the most ignored part of your skincare routine, are more prone to infections. Since they get exposed to floodwaters and dirt from filthy, muddy roads, they become breeding grounds for many diseases and infections. That is why it is necessary to give your feet extra attention and care. For this, you need a well-chalked out foot care routine. And to make this regimen effective, you need to use a good foot moisturizer cream. 


The moha: herbal foot care cream is the multipurpose cream you need to cure your feet of monsoon woes. Made by Ayurvedic goodness, this cream nourishes your feet from within, keeping them healthy from all fronts. What sets this cream apart from the rest is the legacy behind it. Coming from Charak Pharma, home to 74-year-old Ayurvedic experts, this cream offers proven and long-lasting results to your feet without zero side effects. Powered by ingredients like Aloe, Papaya, Ginger, and peppermint, this herbal gem is beneficial to your feet in ways you can never imagine!



Why should you opt for the moha: footcare cream?


During monsoons, our feet tend to become itchy, sore, and rough. Suitable for all the feet types, this foot moisturizer cream by moha: blends its natural ingredients to take care of every foot problem.


Removes dryness: Aloe vera is a juicy, succulent plant that offers nourishing benefits to your skin and hair. Owing, to its antibacterial, antifungal properties, vitamins, and minerals, aloe enhances your skin health and tone. Due to it being a natural antiseptic, it soothes and cools down your irritated skin by healing your wounds and cuts. It nourishes and hydrates your feet. 


Repair cracked heels: Since most of us working from home, we tend to walk bare feet inside. Due to the hard flooring surfaces during monsoons, our feet develop cracks. Papaya can heal these cracks. It exfoliates dead skin cells and repairs damaged heels, thereby making them smooth and soft. That is why many experts and users have rated the foot moisturizer as the best cream for cracked heels.


Heals sore feet: Feet soreness is another problem that many faces during monsoon. That is due to your feet’ constant exposure to muddy water and wearing of uncomfortable footwear. Applying this footcare cream soothes soreness and swollen feet. It boosts blood circulation levels and revitalizes your feet.


Reduces itchiness:  The combination of Ginger Lily and aloe combats germs and infections. It fights off inflammation, itching, and redness of your skin.



How to include the moha: foot care cream in your daily routine during monsoons?


  • Apply it gently over heels and feet
  • Massage it over the affected areas for effective results
  • Use it regularly, during mornings and nights 


Do this and, you will see visible differences in your feet within 5 days of use.


Concluding thoughts:


The moha: foot care cream offers better results than any other ordinary footcare cream in the market. An all-rounder, this foot moisturizer cream is your feet’ ultimate best friend that does not let any problem meddle in the health of your beautiful, clean feet.


With this foot moisturizer cream by your side, never hold back from putting your best foot forward.

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