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Use code "moha25" to avail flat 25% off on all products ( Excluding offer products & Kits )

Essential products for daily skincare

We all know there are various skin routines ranging between the basic CTM (Cleansing - Toning - Moisturising) to 10+ steps elaborate Korean routines. Inspite of this varied range, we are still baffled by questions like - Which is the best routine for my skin, basic or an elaborate one? Does my skin need all the steps or I can skip any, if yes then which ones? I have found an amazing product which suits my needs, but exactly where does it fit in my skincare routine? Which step exactly is the sunscreen? And so many more. Don’t you worry though, this article will go through the essential steps for skincare and elucidate its role. This will in turn help you to build your own personalized skincare routine along with answers to most skincare routine related queries. Step 1 - Cleansing Cleansing always marks the beginning of any routine - whether it is skincare or haircare. While this step itself will not have miraculous results, it is undoubtedly ineluctable for the entire routine to work efficiently. A good cleanser will make your skin feel clean, soft and supple. It will not make your skin fell dry or stretchy, not even for little while. A cleanser which effectively cleans daily dirt, oil and impurities while maintaining the skin’s natural moisture would be the pick of the bunch. Also, it should be devoid of any harmful chemicals so as to avoid hazardous problem to skin in the longer run. Besides being the first prep step for skincare routine, cleansing your face after being exposed to dust, dirt or pollution is of utmost essence to maintain hygiene and prevent skin issues. Step 2 - Toning and Hydrating Toning simply means minimizing the pores of skin that have opened due to cleansing. This step prevents dehydration of skin and prepares it to accept the moisturization better. However, if you carefully notice the ingredients, most toners have alcohol present in them which dehydrates the skin. This also leads to using more quantity and frequent reapplication of moisturizer. Furthermore, most toners contain additives like artificial perfumes which can irritate the skin and eyes. So always select an all-natural floral or herbal mist with neither alcohol nor unwanted additives. This should be followed up by a hydrating gel especially for very sensitive skin and dry skin. In case of combination to oily skin, you can skip the toner if applying the right hydrator. The moha: Aloe Vera gel makes a very good option as hydrator (especially if you want to skip a toner) since it has rose extract which tones the skin and cucumber that gives a boost of hydration. This unique formula hydrates the skin layers making it soft, supple and radiant. You can also include a water based serum at this step. Step 3 - Moisturising This is like food for skin and should be applied not more than 2-3 times a day. Ironically though, many a times we notice that even the best of moiturizers do not nourish the skin thoroughly and we have to increase the frequency and quantity of moiturizer used. The problem as already mentioned, might be with skin losing hydration. In such cases you can spritz floral tonic mist on your face every 2-3 hours to make your moisturiser work better (no need to cleanse prior or wipe it later just let the skin soak in the hydration). Also The moha: Herbal Moisturizing lotion is enriched with sunflower oil, almond oil and aloe vera along with other nourishing ingredients to keep skin healthy and radiant. This best herbal moisturizer reduces trans-epidermal loss and maintains skin hydration while moisturizing the skin to its core. You can also opt to add an oil based serum post moisturization for extremely dry skin or during extreme winters. Step 4 - Protection This is the most important and final step for all skin types - a sunscreen. Ideally a sunscreen body lotion with SPF 50 works well for Indian weather. The best sunscreen lotion for face is the one that protects skin from sun damage and prevents skin tanning. Besides doing this, the moha: Herbal Sunscreen Lotion also effectively protects skin from harmful free radicals and nourishes the skin, thus making it suitable to be worn before make up as well. It is an effectual sunscreen body lotion with SPF 50 for all weather conditions. Hope this article answers all your questions related to skincare routines from choosing products like right cleanser, toner, best sunscreen lotion for face, etc. to how to set them in a routine.

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