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Use code "moha25" to avail flat 25% off on all products ( Excluding offer products & Kits )

Get Rid Of Cracked Heels With The Best Foot Care Cream

You bought your favorite footwear and intend to wear it on a special occasion. But after discovering your feet suffer from cracks and calluses, you feel disheartened and must now let your shoes collect dust on the shelves. You’re not the only one who faces the problems of cracked heels – the majority of Indians fall prey to it. Lack of hydration, walking barefoot, floodwaters, uncomfortable shoes, diabetes, etc. are some of the key reasons behind it. Experts have suggested that going natural is the way forward to healthy, crack-free feet. In other words, the real cure lies in the power of Ayurveda. When you look for herbal foot care creams, you should look for something that gets you instant results to your feet. The moha: Foot Care Cream exactly does that and even more!

Why Should You Choose moha: Foot Care Cream?

foot care cream for cracked foot

Leveraging the 74-year-old legacy of Charak Pharma, the leaders in Ayurveda, moha: revolutionizes the Ayurvedic personal care industry. Combining, the tradition of Ayurveda with modern science, moha: offers nourishing skin and hair care solutions. moha: ensures that every consumer gets access to the best quality products. And when it comes to quality products, the moha: Foot Care Cream easily stands out from the rest.

Rated as the best foot care cream for cracked heels in India. It resolves all types of foot care problems and can be used throughout all seasons. It can be applied to all feet types and provides nourishment to diabetic feet as well. Whoever has used this cream has experienced a difference to their feet, making it soft and supple in 5 days. Let’s explore further how this cream stands to its quality and promise.

What Makes moha:Foot Care Cream Different from the Rest?

foot moisturizer cream

When you look at other foot care brands, they generally use harsh chemicals and certain toxic substances. This accelerates foot care problems, resulting in permanently damaged feet. On the other hand, moha: is very strict about utilizing 100% natural actives as their ingredients. The foot moisturizer cream firmly believes in promoting values of safety and wellness of its users. moha: Foot Care Cream is formulated with three powerful herbs: Papaya, Aloe and, Peppermint. These three herbs, when blended, offer unparalleled benefits that are long-lasting and highly powerful for each foot type.

Dry and Rough Feet: Enriched with healthy doses of Aloe Vera extract that, offers complete hydration and protection along with enriching skin health.

Cracked Feet: Papaya has good contents of Vitamin E. It repairs calluses and cracks in your heels, making them soft and nourished. In addition, it exfoliates your skin from within and promotes the regeneration of skin cells naturally.

Calms Sore Feet: Due to constant contact with dirt, floodwaters, or uneven, wooden surfaces, our feet feel mild to intense skin irritation. Using this footwear cream will eliminate this issue as it is rich in peppermint. Being a natural coolant, it soothes swollen feet. It aids in increasing blood circulation and revitalizes your feet in the process. 

Itchy and Sore Feet: Who knew ginger could be of such great use! Infused with Kapur Kachri (commonly called ginger), it has antiseptic properties that treat skin infections and germs naturally. When combined with aloe, they cure inflammation, infections, and redness. 

How to Use the Foot Care Cream for Cracked Heels?

To make it work wonders to your feet, you have to apply it diligently and regularly. Apply this cream to the affected areas and massage it gently. Repeat this routine during the morning and evening. After you return home from work, dip your feet in hot soak and remove dirt. Moisturize it by moha: Foot Care Cream.

Concluding Thoughts

This blog clearly explains why moha: Foot Care Cream qualifies as the best foot care cream for cracked heels in India. It is time that we as users give equal attention to our feet as much as we give to our skin and hair. Own this remedy of herbal goodness and stride in confidence and elegance every day.

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