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How To Apply A Hair Serum?

Hair serums are very common in the market nowadays. There are thousands of varieties of hair serums available. Everyone is aware of them and has a general idea that hair serum is essential for hair. Herbal, natural hair serum is also a wonderful option, but applying the serum correctly is more important. Before we go to that part, let’s understand what hair serum is and its benefits.

What Is A Hair Serum?

Hair serum is a liquid-based treatment usually formulated using silicones. Now, what are silicones? So, a silicone compound is an ingredient that imparts a silky feel and adds gloss to your hair. The silicone compounds fill in the pores and allow the moisture to be absorbed into the hair, making it look fuller and healthier. The basic nature of silicone is to repel water.

hair serum

Silicone coats cuticles and traps moisture to give hair a smooth, silky appearance. This is how hair serum provides a protective layer to the hair fiber. This layer reflects light and thus gives a shiny, glossy look to the hair.

Few Benefits Of Hair Serum

• Adds shine to the hair
• Gives a chic appearance to the overall look
• Controls frizz & helps hair look healthier
• Helps retain moisture and reduces dryness
• Provides nourishment and gives a silky finish
• Softens the hair strand
• Helps hide split ends
• Protects hair against the damaging effects of heating tools
• Protects from daily environmental damages

When To Apply Hair Serum?

1. Hair serum is applied after shampooing and conditioning.
2. It is normally used on wet or towel-dried hair.
3. It can be also applied directly on dry hair to manage frizz and make it manageable.

Right Way To Apply The Hair Serum

1. Take a few drops of hair serum, rub it into your palms, and apply it in a downward direction. i.e. apply 1 inch away from the roots to the tip of the hair.
2. Thicker or longer hair may require more drops.
3. Now gently comb the hair to detangle them. This will also ensure that the serum is evenly spread.

If you are searching for a reliable, natural hair serum for your hair, moha: herbal hair serum is a great option. It has the goodness of hibiscus oil, flaxseed oil, water lily, and much more. moha: herbal hair serum formulated by Vedistry and is perfect for dry & frizzy hair. It results in smooth, silky hair instantly! It hydrates each strand and makes it healthy.

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