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Use code "moha25" to avail flat 25% off on all products ( Excluding offer products & Kits )

How to choose the right herbal shampoo??

Personal hygiene is a matter of maintaining good health and keeping the scalp clean and disease free is also a part of it. Shampoos play a big role in cleansing the scalp and hair . When you are spoilt for choices, it is necessary to choose the right shampoo. Between the choice of synthetic and natural, we would always prefer natural and herbal. But then how to choose the best herbal shampoo? Let us help you with the same!!! 

Herbal shampoo is a cosmetic preparation enriched with variety of ayurvedic herbs which cleans the hair and scalp.

Ayurveda mentions three major constitution type which are governed by vata, pitta and kapha elements collectively, which are responsible for major actions in the body. The hair types are classified based on three elements of vata , pitta and kapha and they have their own unique characteristics. Imbalalnce in this elements affects the scalp and hair health.

1) Vata- vata is responsible for dryness of hair and scalp, splitting of hair, dandruff, thinning of hair and hairfall.

2) Pitta- pitta leads to premature greying of hair, weaker hair roots and inflammation of scalp.

3) Kapha - kapha increase sebum production which causes  dandruff, greasy hair and hairfall. 

For dry and brittle hair

Shampoos which provide nutrition to hair and which is sulphate free are suitable for dry and damaged hair

Choose shampoo which consist aloe vera, keratin, quinoa, argan oil like soothing ingredients , which provide shine, protects your damaged hair mainly (because of hair color, heat treatments) and nourishment for further growth of hair. In ayurveda all the above ingredients balances the vata imbalance. moha: sulfate free shampoo is infused with all these herbs and oils and is a best choice as a shampoo for damaged hair. 

For oily hair and scalp

Shampoos which consist of Indian gooseberry, brahmi, bhringaraj and aloe vera, tea tree oil.

It cleanses dirt, excess deposited sebum thus preventing from dandruff buildup and at the same it doesn't make your scalp and hair dry. These herbs are useful in preventing hair loss and are known to promote hair and scalp health. These herbs also help to protect hair color, give extra smoothness and shine to hair. It helps in balancing aggravated or imbalanced kapha dosha.

moha; range of hair care products, from vedistry, a part of charak pharma, who are the pioneers of Ayurveda medicine are amazing as they provide a wide range of products like oil, shampoo and conditioner for every hair type according to the need of scalp and hair.  Sulfate free herbal shampoo is especially designed as a shampoo for damaged and colored hair. 

moha: herbal shampoo helps as a mild cleanser and right shampoo for all kind of hair. It helps in gentle cleaning and reducing hair fall. Infused with goodness of herbs moha: herbal shampoo, moha: anti dandruff shampoo and moha: sulfate free shampoo are the pocket friendly herbal shampoos you must give a try

moha: anti dandruff shampoo - it consists of tea tree oil, neem oil, japa oil and kapurkachri oil which treat dandruff, reduces scalp itching and prevents hair fall. Choose the best of hair care shampoo with moha:

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