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Use code "moha25" to avail flat 25% off on all products ( Excluding offer products & Kits )

Summer Skin Care tips: How Take Care of Your Skin in Summer (10 Ways To Follow)

We all love to soak up some sunshine, but too much sun, heat and humidity of the
summers can damage your skin and hair both. But as we all know, prevention is
better than cure and follow these natural skin care tips for summer skin care to
keep glowing naturally.

What happens to skin in summers?

Excess summer heat and humidity can increase activity of oil glands of the skin
leading to oily skin. Thin oily skin traps dirt and pollution leading to acne and
pimples. Scorching sun also leads to skin tan and excess melanin activity which
takes away the glow. This skin burn can also lead to patchy and dull skin, which
makes the skin look very dull and uneven.

Skincare Tips

Exfoliate: As mentioned, summers can lead to very oily and dull skin. A proper
skin care begins with good exfoliation. Use gentle exfoliators like nutmeg or rose
petals to keep the skin healthy and glowing. moha: herbal scrub can be useful for
gentle exfoliation. Depending on your skin type you may exfoliate more than once
per week.

Cleanse: Natural cleansing soaps are useful in summers as they not only clean but
also maintain the moisture content of the skin. moha: rose and almond soap
cleanses and keeps the skin feeling fresh, healthy and keeps it free from infections.

Hydrate: Hydrate yourself by drinking plenty fluids internally. Eat juicy fruits and
top up with buttermilk or lassi to keep the gut happy too.
Moisturize: keep your skin hydrated externally by applying good quality natural
moisturizer like moha: moisturizing lotion, rich with aloe and almond oil. Aloe not
only hydrates but also removes tan and keeps the skin soft and supple.

Protect from sun: Never step out without sunscreen. Sunscreens with SPF 30-50
is ideally suited for Indian skin and summers. Keep away the tan with moha:
sunscreen lotion, is suitable for all skin types to keep away sun damage and signs of
ageing. Apply sunscreen to all the exposed skin of your body including your feet
and hands.

Use minimal makeup: Greasy, heavy makeup will create chaos and look messy in
summers. Instead keep it to the minimal and let the skin breathe in summers.
Use a refreshing mist: Rose water is refreshing to the skin and can be used 3-4
times in a day for that refreshed glowing skin.

Eat healthy: As much as external application, internal nourishment also plays a
role in skin care. Keep your food healthy, easy to digest and gut-friendly. Avoid
excess salt, sugar and maida to stay healthy and keep looking young.
Avoid getting exhausted: Working out too much or overexertion leads to
dehydration causing damage to the skin. Stick to simple exercises indoors and try
to avoid stepping out to exercise and the sun may damage the skin
Rest well: Beauty sleep is not a myth, it is much needed. Skin repairs itself as we
sleep. So if you want a youthful glowing skin, sleep well for 6- 8 hours daily.

Go natural and find magic with the moha range of skincare products. Crafted with
love and essential ayurvedic wisdom these natural products are what your skin
needs this summer. Optimize your bathing experience with moha: rose and almond
soap for long-lasting freshness and good summer care. Ensure you hydrate your
skin with moha: moisturizer and then top it up with moha; sunscreen with SPF 50.
Eat well, hydrate and sleep well. Keep yourself summer cool with these easy peasy
tips and enjoy a healthy glow.

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