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Use code "moha15" to avail flat 15% off on all products ( Excluding offer products & Kits )

Things You Must Know Before Using A Sunscreen Spray

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  • Harmful UV rays such as UVA & UVB can cause serious skin issues like sunburns, redness, skin cancer, etc. That’s why using a sunscreen that blocks these rays and protects your skin is important. Dermatologists recommend using broad-spectrum sunscreens with a high protection factor of 30 and above. The arrival of sunscreen sprays has made the application steps easier and more fun.
  • Choosing the Right Sunscreen Spray for Your Skin:
  • If you already have bought a spray sunscreen for yourself and your family, here are some things that you must know to get the full benefits of your new sunscreen.
  1. Take the sunscreen on your palm and then apply it evenly on your face & neck.
  2. Hold the nozzle 15 cm away from your skin and spray generously on areas like the chest, shoulders, legs, etc.
  3. Rub the sunscreen thoroughly until your skin shines.
  4. Remember to spray it on your hairline, neckline, back of the neck, etc.
  5. Avoid inhaling sunscreen or spraying it near heat sources.
  6. If you are outdoors for more than 2 or 3 hours, reapply the sunscreen or apply multiple layers from the start.
  7. If your skin is dry, then use a moisturizer before applying sunscreen.
  8. No sunscreen provides 100% protection so wear full-sleeved shirts or seek shade whenever possible.
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  • Well, if you are still contemplating whether a sunscreen spray is really worth the buy, we’d say go for it. They have a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF) and these sunscreen sprays help protect your face, neck, and hard-to-reach body areas that can get easily tanned.
  • With so many options to choose from, you might also think about which is the best spray sunscreen. A sunscreen spray that has natural ingredients & is free from harsh chemicals (Paraben and silicone) should top the list. One such reliable brand that meets all the mentioned criteria is moha: Sunscreen Spray SPF50. Its unique formula prevents skin aging caused by the sun & prevents sunburn and is enriched with the goodness of rice bran oil for natural skin defense. Also, moha: Sunscreen Spray SPF50 is water-resistant (up to 80 minutes) and safe for the environment. So, do get this amazing product from moha: to enjoy the sunshine!

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