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Use code "moha15" to avail flat 15% off on all products ( Excluding offer products & Kits )

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  1. moha nail care cream
    Nail Care Cream
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Your hands and feet are the most ignored, yet the most physically contacted features of your body. They are an extension of your identity. They represent how well you take care of yourself Healthy skin begins with face and finishes with hands and feet. It is incomplete without covering these features. A monthly manicure and pedicure is not enough to take care of them. They require regular love and attention. You can take care of this with our range of nail cream and foot cream.

We at moha ensure that you always look your best.. Naturally!

moha: is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning fascination, affection, temptation or fondness.

Range of our herbal spa products

moha is your one stop shop for all your beauty needs. You need to feel confident within naturally before putting on any sort of make-up. moha helps you feel amazing about yourself with a range of great products such as our sunscreen, moisturizer, face wash, scrub, soap, shower gel, rose mist, lip balm and massage oil but also the best herbal spa products like nail cream and foot cream range.

Our products smell divine.. And besides the heavenly feeling of soaking yourself in this premium range of nail cream and foot cream you can follow these simple tips for taking care of your Hands and feet:

Schedule your daily routine. Include nail cream and foot cream in your regular morning and night wind down routine.
Form a habit: If you are like most people who do not pay attention to your hands and feet all that much, stack the habit with an already existing habit. For example: Apply the nail cream and foot cream every time after brushing your teeth or eating your vitamin. You will notice the natural recall to apply the hand cream and foot cream within a week.
Scrub: Regular scrubbing of hands and feet with proper products can help clear the dead skin cells.
Get regular manicure pedicure: Invest in some small handy tools at home to treat yourself to a quick mani-pedi without breaking the bank.
Stop biting your nails, wear comfortable shoes, don’t over expose your hands and feet in water. Follow any good rule that helps you take care of your hands and feet.
Take time out: Take time out to look after your cracked heels and brittle nails. We at moha have you taken care of for the same. Invest time in yourself first. A happier, healthier you will have more to give to the world!

Think of Moha’s Spa solutions as magic for your soul. Here, we work with the goodness of almonds, papaya, peppermint and flax seed oil to create deeply nourishing nail creams, foot scrubs and hand moisturizers that not only leave your body relaxed but do wonders for the wellbeing of your soul.