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Best Moisturizing Tip with Hair Conditioner for Dry Hairs

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Using a hair conditioner after shampooing certainly gives a soft, smooth and frizz-free feel to our hair. However, most of the time these conditioners are loaded with chemicals like silicones (dimethicone), cationic surfactants (cetyl alcohol), parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, quaternion-15 and others. While these give an instant feel-good factor to our hair, in the long run, they cause follicles to be weak and brittle. Besides this, some of these are known to be hazardous to health since they are known to cause cancer, issues with the reproductive system, and problems to the respiratory system, etc.

So, it is very important to choose the right conditioner since it is an essential part of the haircare routine. The best herbal hair conditioner will be the one that is chemical-free while rendering a soft and smooth finish. It should ideally strengthen the hair, reduce split ends, prevent breakage, and hydrate and moisturize the hair. moha: herbal hair conditioner is an all-natural conditioner enriched with the goodness of Aloe, Jojoba oil, Wheat Germ oil, and Almond oil and is the best herbal conditioner for dry hair as it manages to keep the damage and frizz away. It is free from harmful chemicals like silicones, parabens and sulfate and is formulated with a unique blend of natural ingredients only which results in strong, nourished and shiny hair. It forms a natural protective shield to retain moisture and prevents hair damage caused by pollution, sun, and styling treatments.

We know that one must use a conditioner on damp hair by applying it to the length of the hair (avoiding roots) and leaving it on for a few minutes before cleansing it. Let’s take a look at some DIY with Moha herbal hair conditioner to add a boost of moisturization to dry hair.


Moisturising Protein Mask


Blend together in a mixer 4tsp of oatmeal, 3 tbsp curd, 10-15 fresh curry leaves. Remove it from the blender and mix thoroughly 2tsp of the best herbal conditioner for dry hair. Apply this on the length of the hair and let it sit for 20 mins, followed up by cleansing with Moha Sulfate free herbal shampoo.


sulfate herbal shampoo


This is a pre-shampoo mask (to be applied before cleansing) with the goodness of proteins to moisturize and strengthen the hair. You can also beat up and add whole egg when adding conditioner for added benefits, however, it is optional.


Moisturising Deep Conditioning Mask


5 in 1 oil


Blend together 3 tsp honey, 2 tsp moha: 5 in 1 oil, 1 whole banana or avocado and 2 tsp of best herbal hair conditioner. Apply this to the length of the hair and let it sit for 30 minutes at least before you cleanse it with a mild chemical-free herbal shampoo. This mask thoroughly moisturizes the hair while adding shine to it.


Moisturising Hair Repair Mask


Blend about 3 tsp of Moha herbal hair conditioner with 2 tsp aloe vera gel and 2 tsp milk or 2 tsp rice water (soak a pinch of washed rice in 2 tsp water for a minimum of 30 mins to a maximum of 18hrs, rub the rice thoroughly before straining the cloudy rice water). Apply this paste after cleansing your hair with shampoo instead of just conditioner. Keep it for 5-10 mins before rinsing it with tepid water. Use this post-cleanse mask to repair hair that has been exposed to heat styling, pollution, or sun.

Pro Tips -

These masks can be used once or twice a week. Avoid oiling the shafts of the hair before applying a shampoo mask so that it can get absorbed and give maximum benefits. After applying the pre-shampoo mask, you can also do a hot towel treatment (place shower cap on hair and wrap it with a hot towel) or take steam. This also facilitates optimum absorption of hair mask in the shaft. When applying conditioner or a post-cleanse mask, make sure that you have thoroughly cleansed your hair and it's devoid of any shampoo residue.

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